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* 1969 in Bonn, Germany


Andreas Maier has lived and worked in the heart of Berlin Schöneberg for 20 years. After completing a degree in veterinary medicine, the decision was made to devote himself exclusively to his deep passion, painting.


Natural representations of animals and plants in their special environment. Snapshots of nature, of flowers, pine trees, flowering cherry trees, koi or insects awaken dreamy scenes on gilded surfaces and shine in thousands of colors. The works develop their liveliness on pictures, coffee tables, glass coasters, bed heads, large screens or sliding doors.


His work is exhibited in Paris, Berlin, Hamburg and Switzerland and has become the cherry on the cake in many interiors. World famous interior designers use Andreas Maier's work in both modern and classic interiors, also because his work invigorates every room with its incomparable reflection, coloring and play of light.


Almost 40 works by Andreas Maier adorn the suites of the now world famous Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg designed by Swiss architects Herzog & De Neuron.